Saturday, August 14, 2010

Wanted: Kangaroos!


Today we drove from Katoomba in the heart of the Blue Moutains to Jervis Bay, south of Sydney. The total drive took around 4 hours, but we stopped at Fitzroy Falls on the way. The falls are dramatic, plunging 80 meters into the Kangaroo Valley.

There are some nice walks with viewpoints overlooking the falls. Signs describe some of the native plants and wildlife. Supposedly, wombats, rock wallaby, and platypus live in the area, but we're unconvinced. Other than birds, Ben and I are striking out so far on native wildlife viewing. 

We did see a Superb Lyrebird near the falls. This pheasant-sized bird is named after it's tail feathers which look like the Greek instrument, the lyre (harp). It spends most of it's time on the ground scratching in the dirt and detritus looking for insects.

We continued our drive through the picturesque Kangaroo Valley. While there were plenty of roadside signs warning about kangaroo and wombat crossing, we didn't see any. 

Our hotel tonight is the Jervis Bay Guesthouse, barely a stone's through from the ocean. The sand is some of the finest we've ever encountered. A crashing surf rounds out the picturesque location.

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