Thursday, August 26, 2010

Finding my Way

So I've gone on a couple of runs in our new town and it is so hilly here!  I am either going to have to embrace running on hills or really do some research into some flat places to run.  Yesterday afternoon I headed out to do three miles.  I found a nice park to run around and to avoid going back up a big hill took a "side" road and ended up getting lost.  I stopped 3 different places to get directions home and finally made it, but Ben was outside looking for me.  Today I think we are going to walk together to a trail I read about so I won't get lost again.:) 

We finally did laundry the other day.  Guess it's been a while since I went to a laundromat because I was shocked that it cost $4 to wash a load!!  I thought it would only be a dollar or two.  We had five loads and then had to pay $2 per 15 minutes of dryer time, so it was an expensive errand.  Still hoping for a washer and dryer in the next place.  We move in there a week from today. 

Seems like Ben's work start date has been delayed once again but at least we are here and ready when they are.  We're looking into maybe taking another trip to the mainland to see some more sites in the interim.

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  1. Oh Leigh!! No more getting lost! Ok?! Sorry to hear about the start date. Good thing you have a place to stay. Love you guys!