Monday, August 16, 2010

Gipsy Point Birds


We awoke this morning to a cold room and chirping birds. Ben had forgotten to close the windows! The managers feed the local birds in the morning. Around two hundred parrots arrived for the handout. There were Australian King Parrots

and Galah

and Rainbow Lorikeets

and Crimson Rosella. 

Leigh even fed them!

Our drive today took us from Gipsy Point to Metung, through Lakes Entrance. This area of the country is known as Gippsland. The predominant feature is a series of fresh-water lakes fed by local rivers. These lakes are separated from the ocean by a narrow sand dune with 90 Mile Beach facing the ocean. 

The village of Metung is a quiet (it is winter!) town with a few good restaurants—all we really need!

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  1. Gooday, mates! Wow! beautiful birds and Leigh was able to feed them to boot! Good to talk to you tonight. Love, Dad