Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Quolls, Bilbys, and Bettongs-oh my!

We went to Sydney Wildlife World today.  It was a great attraction that featured all sorts of Australia's wildlife.  There were several different areas:

Invertebrates-where we saw Australian spiders, ants, and other insects

Reptiles-where we saw lizards and learned all about the venomous snakes in Australia

We saw a HUGE crocodile.

There was a koala area:
An area for kangaroos and wallabies:
Rock Wallaby
Red Kangaroo

There was a nocturnal area where we saw the quolls, bilbys, and bettongs (all animals we had never heard of before).  We couldn't take any pictures though because it was dark. 

There was a rainforest area where we saw green tree frogs:
We saw the most dangerous bird in the world, the Southern Cassowary:

We also saw the Laughing Kookaburra:

Tomorrow we leave Sydney and start driving towards Melbourne.  We are stopping in the Blue Mountains for a couple of days and then stopping along the coast several times before reaching Melbourne on Monday. 

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