Tuesday, August 3, 2010

The Day That Never Was

We made it!
12,000 miles and 28 hours from when we left we arrived in Sydney.  We left August 1, but arrived August 3, so we completely missed August 2 because of crossing the International Date Line.  Hope we didn't miss anything important.:) 
Here we are with all our luggage for a year before Hannah took us to pick up the rental car.
The flights were very long, but we were able to sleep on the way from LA to Sydney and it wasn't as bad as we thought it would be.  When we arrived at the Radisson Hotel it was 9 am and our room wasn't going to be ready until noon, but we were able to shower in the health club and felt much better after that.  We are a short walk from Sydney Harbor and got to see the Harbor Bridge and Opera House for the first time!

We came back to the hotel after walking around and having lunch to take a nap.  We had dinner at a Bavarian Restaurant.  Tomorrow we are going to take a walking tour around Sydney.  We can't believe we are here and it certainly doesn't feel like we are half a world away from home.  I am sure it will set in at some point. 

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