Friday, May 27, 2011

Wyndham and Around

On our way to Kununurra we went to Wyndham to make a couple of stops.  The first was the Grotto.

We walked down 140 steps to this 300 foot deep pool surrounded by rocks and trees-quite beautiful and peaceful.  There were fish swimming around in the clear water and we even saw a couple of monitor lizards.

Next we had to add another "big thing" to our list-the big crocodile.

 He's twenty meters long and in the second picture Ben is wearing his new Aussie Bush hat, dad.  My dad has been asking if Ben got an Aussie hat yet.:)

Our last stop was the Five Rivers Lookout.

We are in Kununurra now for a couple of days.  We will probably check out another National Park and maybe go canoeing.  I also found a really good running trail right outside of the caravan park that I ran on last night and will probably run on again today.

Km today: 348
Total travelled: 5234

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