Saturday, May 7, 2011

Gorgeous Gorges

Kalbarri is known for it's coastal cliffs and gorges carved out by the Murchison River.  These are sandstone cliffs as opposed to the limestone cliffs seen along the rest of the Western Australia Coast.  We visited some lookouts Friday to see the cliffs and beaches.
Today we drove to see the gorges.  To get there we had to drive down a bone jarring 32 km of unsealed road.  The two options were to go at a mind numbing 20 kph or a white knuckled 50 kph.  We chose a mix of both but it wasn't very pleasant.  Luckily the walks and vistas made up for it.

This is called Nature's Window.

 We also drove to the Z Bend Lookout and walked down to the river.

This was one of my favorite walks we have done.  It was challenging but not too challenging and the scenery with the river, gorge walls, and redgum trees was spectacular.

Km Friday/Saturday: 340
Total Km: 1005

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