Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Back in the Britz

We are back in the campervan again.  It was a very long day of driving from Busselton to Perth, picking up the van, which is quite a lengthy process, stopping for groceries, and finding a caravan park to stay in tonight.  This campervan is a little different than the one we were in before because it has a pop up top which means less storage for all of our stuff, but more convenient for driving around in.  Ben was excited to see it was an automatic once again instead of a manual like the booking said it would be.  We are staying right outside of Perth tonight at a nice little caravan park.  Our site overlooks a small lake.
We have this van for a month and for this segment of our trip are going to drive up the coast of Western Australia ending in Darwin in the Northern Territory.  Our internet may not always be working because there are large distances between the big cities but we will blog when we can.  We are going to start a running total of Km travelled for this segment of the trip.

Km travelled today: 36.1
Total Km travelled: 36.1

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