Sunday, May 29, 2011


We've been in Kununurra the past few days.  This is a smaller city near the border with the Northern Territory.  It was created in the 1960s when a nearby dam was built to create Lake Argyle and supply the ensuing irrigation project.  More on that later...

On our first day in town we visited two art galleries.  Our first stop was at the Lovell Gallery, a terrific gallery with scenes from the surrounding Kimberley region.  Amazing art.  Our second stop was Artlandish, an Aboriginal art gallery.  Another terrific find!  We've been looking for the right piece, but haven't quite found it yet.

On the second day in town we stopped at Mirima National Park and did a couple of short walks.  It's a peaceful spot and close to town.  It has smaller cliffs and rock formations that are similar to the Bungles.  However, the walks were completed too quickly and fairly disappointing.  We made up for this by finding a spot for pizza!

On our third day, we rented a canoe from our caravan park and spent several hours paddling with the crocs!  We paddled out to Lake Kununurra, between the Diversion and Argyle dams.  We spotted a couple of freshwater crocs and Leigh managed to keep us from capsizing and swimming with them!

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