Monday, May 2, 2011

Diving in Geographe Bay

We found a dive shop in Busselton and decided to go diving on Sunday.  We made two dives, the first at a spot called "Bulleye" on 4 Mile Reef, and the second at the Busselton jetty.  This is cool water diving and we wore full wetsuits for both dives.  At times, we were still a little chilly!

The first dive took us to about 60 feet deep on the reef.  The reef had both hard and soft corals and you could feel the surge rock you back and forth.  Visibility was low by our tropical standards, but still around 30 feet.  We saw large schools of fish, many different starfish, several cuttlefish (similar to squid), and brightly colored nudibranchs (envision a large slug).

The second dive was at the jetty.  Busselton's jetty is the longest (1.8km) wooden jetty in the Southern hemisphere.  It's also old, with initial construction starting in 1853.  The age of the jetty has given plenty of time for underwater creatures to make it home.

Overall, we enjoyed both dives despite the cool water and lower visibility.  It was fun to be diving again in such a unique environment!

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  1. What wonderful pictures from your dives!