Friday, May 6, 2011

Batavia and HMAS Sydney

On our way to Kalbarri we stopped in Geraldton to go to the Western Australia Museum.  We were especially interested in seeing the exhibit on the shipwrecks they have there.  It was a great exhibit with lots of artifacts.  The most intriguing of the shipwrecks was the Batavia.  It was built in Amsterdam and wrecked on it's maiden voyage off the western coast of Australia. A mutiny and massacre took place amongst the survivors.

 We also stopped at the memorial for the HMAS Sydney.  This ship was sunk in 1941 after an engagement with the German auxiliary cruiser Kormoran.  All 645 men on board the Sydney were lost.  Most of the men on the Kormoran survived.  The wrecks of both ships weren't found until 2008.
The dome is made of 645 silver seagulls to commemorate the men lost.

This is a bronze statue of a woman looking for the ship out to sea.

 We ended up not making it to Kalbarri and spent the night in Port Gregory. 

Km Today: 333
Total Km: 665

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