Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Odds and Ends

After more than two weeks on our epic road trip, there have been many episodes or events that have not quite earned their own blog post.  To compromise, we've posted a list of noteworthy occurrences here. 
  • Cows as roadkill.  Many huge stations (farms) encompass different highways.  Because of the great distances, these stations can't prevent their cattle from crossing the road.  Thus, there are some old leathery roadkill cows.  We've counted 8 so far.
  • Hair treatments.  This guy is getting his hair cut near Eagle Bluff.  A lady at a recent caravan park was getting her hair dyed by her husband...
  • Camels.  We saw a guy leading two loaded camels alongside the highway.  We were at least 100km from any civilization that we know of.
  • Roadhouses.  The distances in Australia are so great with a relatively small population.  Thus, there are roadhouses at various intervals (around 200km) where you can get fuel or something to eat.  Often, they're like tiny villages with a caravan park onsite.
  • Dingos.  We saw our first dingo in Karijini National Park.  They can be dangerous (mostly to children), so it made us nervous going to the bathroom that night!
  • Waving.  It's customary to wave at every passing vehicle while driving, especially in more rural areas.  (This was also true on Kangaroo Island)  The typical wave just involves lifting one or two fingers off the steering wheel.  A kind of road-warrior salute!

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