Saturday, February 5, 2011

Launceston with the girls

Ben had to go back to work so Sarah, Hannah, and I did some stuff around Launceston.  We went shopping downtown.  There are lots of shops and cafes and it is quite easy to walk there from our place.  We also went for a run one day and on a walk through the Cataract Gorge.  Sarah and Hannah couldn't believe we had such an impressive nature area like the gorge right in the middle of the city.  Hannah liked seeing the outdoor pool that is at the gorge and we tried to go back so she could swim after Sarah left, but the pool was completely flooded over.  You couldn't even tell that there was a pool there!  We had recently gotten quite a bit of rain and the gorge was raging rapids.  It was pretty neat to see.  Unfortunately Hannah never got to swim in the pool but we did go to the Launceston Aquatic Center one Sunday afternoon.  I had never been there and it is a really neat facility with multiple indoor and outdoor pools, diving boards, kids areas, and a waterslide.  It was fun to show Launceston to Sarah and Hannah.

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