Monday, February 28, 2011

Croc Spotting

Wednesday after breakfast we drove to where the ferry crosses the Daintree River to go on a crocodile cruise.  We had a little time before the boat left so we drove into Daintree Village to look around and saw a big barramundi.
The crocodile cruise was fifty minutes along the Daintree River.  This time of year isn't a good time to see crocodiles because the water is so warm that they prefer to just stay in the water and do not have to be out basking in the sun.  Crocodiles can go quite a long time without food, but not without heat.  We did see one baby crocodile and one that was about six feet long.

Next we drove to Mossman Gorge to hike.  We stopped at Newell Beach on the way there and say another funny Australian sign.
Hiking in Mossman Gorge was fun, but very rainy.  There were some boardwalks, a suspension bridge, and a 2 km circuit trail through the rainforest.  We saw several trees with buttresses.

These buttresses are roots that help trees adapt in nutrient poor soils.  They provide stability and nutrients to the tree.

We ate at Mojo's again Wednesday night and left early Thursday morning to fly back to Launceston.

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