Monday, February 21, 2011

All Aboard!

We arrived in Cairns Wednesday evening, checked into our hotel for the night, and had dinner on the Esplanade which is a main street in Cairns with lots of restaurants, shops, and even a huge lagoon swimming pool nearby.  We checked out of our hotel in the morning and went to drop our luggage off at the Mike Ball Dive Office.  In retrospect, we probably could have flown in Thursday instead of Wednesday night because the boat for the dive trip didn't leave until 6pm Thursday evening.  We spent the rest of the time Thursday until then walking around Cairns, going in shops, and Ben even got a haircut.  We went to an underwater photography shop and bought a plastic housing for my point and shoot camera.  The plastic housing allowed us to take the camera underwater and get some great pictures of our dives.  We also walked to see the giant Captain Cook so we could add it to the list of big Australian things we have seen.  
At 6pm we met up with two of the crew members from the Spoilsport dive boat and walked over to the boat.  We boarded and had a brief time of meeting the other passengers and crew members.  The boat was huge!  There was a dive deck where we got ready for our dives everyday, a second deck off of the lounge/dining area, and a third sun deck at the top.  The cabins were off of the dive deck along two narrow hallways.  We went to see our cabins and got fitted for our dive gear.  The cabins were small but had everything you needed including air conditioning which was great.  We steamed to our first dive site while we slept and were excited about our first day of diving coming up.

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