Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Back to Dry Land

Monday morning we had our final meal on board Spoilsport and those of us leaving were taken in a small boat to Lizard Island.  Of the 18 divers on the trip about half of us left on Monday while the other half were staying until Thursday.  We waited on Lizard Island for an hour or so and got into a small airplane that held maybe 15 people to take a low level flight over the reef back to Cairns.  We flew at an altitude of 700-1000 feet.

What a great trip!  We weren't sure what to expect out of a live aboard dive experience but we loved it.  If we would have done the full week trip we would have had to start skipping some dives though because we were so tired.  In the end, we totaled 13 dives and surpassed 50 dives in our log.  We landed in Cairns and picked up our rental car to start the rainforest part of our trip.

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