Saturday, February 26, 2011

Daintree Drive

After breakfast at the B and B we headed out in the car to drive up to Cape Tribulation.  The owners of the B and B gave us a map and some notes they had typed up of good places to stop along the way.  First we had to cross the Daintree River on the ferry.  This was a cable ferry that used two cables to drag the ferry the short distance across the river.
Our first stop after the ferry was the Alexandra Range Lookout Point.

We stopped at the Jindalba Boardwalk and did a short walk through the rainforest.  Next we drove the rest of the way up to Cape Tribulation and had lunch.  Beyond this point the roads were unsealed and this is about as far as you can go without a four wheel drive vehicle.  We started making our way back towards Mossman with several more stops along the way.  We did a walk to the Cape Tribulation Lookout, the Dubuji Boardwalk, and the Marrdja Boardwalk.  These were all relatively short walks which was a good thing because it was incredibly hot and humid.

We walked onto a couple of beaches but could not swim because it is stinger season.

We continued on our way and Ben spotted a cassowary and chick along the side of the road!  I had just gotten done saying that I thought cassowaries didn't really exist because we hadn't seen one despite all the signs indicating they were around.  The cassowary and chick were eating fruit off the trees and we were able to get some pictures.  After we stopped several other cars also stopped to have a look.

It was such an exciting wildlife sighting!  We made one last stop at the Daintree Ice Cream company.  It was in a beautiful setting amongst various fruit trees.  We had a small bowl of ice cream with four different flavors-coconut, raspberry, jackfruit, and wattleseed.  We went back to the B and B and took a swim in the pool.  The B and B is surrounded by gorgeous gardens and we saw several blue Ulysses butterflies flying around.  We had dinner at Sugar Flames, another good recommendation from the B and B owners.

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