Wednesday, June 15, 2011

West Macs

We drove to West MacDonnell National Park for a quick overnight trip before heading to Uluru.  We made several stops.  The first was at Simpson Gap.
Next was Standley Chasm which we really should have skipped because it cost twenty dollars and wasn't that great.

We really liked the next stop though.  It was the Ochre Pits.  This is an area where ochre was/is sourced by Aborigines for use in art, ceremonies, and as body decoration.
You can see the bands of red, white, and yellow.  This rock would be ground and mixed with water to make a paint.  Black charcoal was also used.

We spent the night at a campground at Ormiston Gorge.  We went to a talk given by one of the rangers and walked to the waterhole.

On our way out of the park the next morning we got to see three black-footed rock wallabies.  They were out sunning themselves on the rocks.  They have a large tail used to help with balance and textured foot pads for gripping the rocks.

Km travelled: 317
Total travelled: 9108

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