Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Thorny Devil

After making our art purchases we went to the Alice Springs Desert Park.  We got headphones and an audio guide to use as we walked around the park.  We learned about the Central Australian desert birds, plants, and animals and the adaptations they make to survive in this harsh environment.  The surprising thing is the amount of life there is despite being a desert environment.  We went to a demonstration with free flying birds and walked through the nocturnal house.  Our favorite animal we saw was the Thorny Devil.
This lizard is green and brown and almost has a camouflage pattern to it's skin.  It has a false head behind it's real head that it presents to potential predators.  It mainly eats ants, sometimes thousands a day and has ridges on it's body that funnel rain water down to it's mouth.  A very intriguing little creature.

Km travelled to Alice: 576
Total travelled: 8791

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  1. You called the Thorny Devil intriguing? I think he looks ugly and scary!