Thursday, June 23, 2011

Facts and Figures for Tassie Twosome

We have escaped Chilean ash clouds affecting Australian airspace, so that means the end of our adventure in Oz.  Thanks to everyone who has followed us and enjoyed our blog.  We'll finish with some statistics from our time in Australia.

Blog posts: 235 
Page views to date: 4083  
Approximate distance driven: 14,810 km (9202 miles)
(New York to LA is 2800 miles) 
Mammals spotted: 24
National parks visited: 17 
Birds spotted: 110 
Waterfalls viewed: 28
Caravan Parks we stayed in: 38
Australian States visited: All 6 and the Northern Territory
Pictures taken: about 8000
People who visited us: 2 (Thanks Sarah and Hannah!)
Scuba Dives: 17


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