Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Darwin and City 2 Surf

We were excited to get to Darwin since it is the biggest city in the Northern Territory and we knew we could get groceries, have good internet access, and I even signed up to run a race on Sunday.  We didn't end up seeing many of the sights (but it didn't seem like there was much to see anyways) because we ended up doing laundry, dishes, blog posts, etc on Saturday.

Sunday I ran the Northern Territory City to Surf.  It started and ended at Mindil Beach.  There was a 4K and a 12.7K (about 8 miles).  I ran the 12.7K and finished in about 83 minutes.  I was quite happy with my time especially since I hadn't ran longer than 5.5 miles since the half marathon I did in January. 

We went back to the caravan park so I could shower and take a short nap.  We were up before the sun came up for the race!  We then went to a couple of galleries in Darwin.  We are looking for some Aboriginal Art to bring home with us but haven't found the perfect piece or price yet.  We stopped for coffee and ice cream later and went to the night markets at Mindil Beach.  A great day for sure.

Km today: 226
Total travelled: 6691

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