Monday, June 20, 2011

The Dingo Fence

While we were in Coober Pedy, we drove out of town on the Oodnadatta Track to see the Dingo Fence.  Known in South Australia as the "Dog Fence," its purpose is to keep dingos out of the southeast sheep-farming region.  The Dingo Fence was completed in 1885 and remains the longest fence in the world.  It stretches over 5600km (3500 miles) from the Great Australian Bight to southeast Queensland.

The success of the fence is open to debate.  Dingos are less common in southeast Australia, but kangaroos and rabbits may be more common.  These animals compete with sheep for pastureland and may decrease the carrying capacity.

This intersection of the Oodnadatta Track and the Dingo Fence seemed particularly remote even though we were only about 15km from Coober Pedy.  It was very quiet and definitely another great Outback location.

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