Saturday, June 11, 2011

Mozzie Attack, Nourlangie, and Cultural Center

We had a rough night in Kakadu.  We got back from Ubirr and started to make dinner at the campsite but there were swarms of mosquitoes!  We had never seen anything like it and quickly got into the van but there were tons in there too.  We were going to stay in Kakadu for two or three nights but got up and got out of the campsite as fast as we could in the morning.  We drove around the park the rest of the day seeing the things we were planning on before ending up back in Katherine where there were very few mosquitoes.

We stopped at Nourlangie in Kakadu, another rock art site.

We also went to the Warradjan Aboriginal Cultural Center.  There were displays discussing the cultural practices of Aborigines and the plants and animals used by them for food and medicine.  We really enjoyed this because although there is a lot of Aboriginal Art and cultural tours available we haven't been able to find much information laid out clearly like this about their practices. 

Km today: 330
Total travelled: 7522 

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