Saturday, April 9, 2011

Western KI

Monday morning we took the ferry to Kangaroo Island (KI).  The ferry is very expensive (we brought the campervan with us) and is a 45 minute trip.  We got off the ferry and drove to the western end of the island.

Matthew Flinders made the first recorded European sighting of Kangaroo Island in 1802.  He gave it it's name.  As he headed back to the mainland he ran into French explorer, Nicholas Baudin.  Britain and France were at war, but the two explorers exchanged information about their trips and Flinders told Baudin about Kangaroo Island.  In the summer of 1802-1803 Baudin went to Kangaroo Island and mapped the south and west coastlines giving many of the places French names which are still used today.  The first non-Aboriginal people to live on the island were sealers, escaped convicts, and runaway sailors.

We stayed for three nights at the Western KI Caravan Park.  We liked this park a lot for its rustic setting, peacefulness, and clean bathrooms.:)  When we checked in, we were told there was a mother koala and a joey in a tree nearby. 
We saw them several times during our stay at the park and at around 5 pm each night they would wake up to eat and the baby koala was jumping around from branch to branch that first night giving us quite a show.  It was so cute!  Several of us staying at the park just stood there and watched and took pictures.  It was a great start to our trip.

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