Thursday, April 7, 2011

Cute Bird

We recently started seeing a bird around that is black with a white belly and has an adorable tail feather wag.  We looked him up and he is called a Willie Wagtail.

Our bird book, "Australian Birds" by Donald and Molly Trounson says, "Willie Wagtail is one of Australia's best known and loved birds.  It is familiar and tame in parks and gardens, endearingly switching its tail from side to side while running about snapping up insects, and expanding its white eyebrows conspicuously when agitated.  It is strongly territorial and drives off much larger birds."

The Willie Wagtail featured in Aboriginal folklore.  Tribes thought the bird was a bearer of bad news and could steal people's secrets while lingering around camps.  Women would become tight-lipped in their presence.

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