Saturday, April 16, 2011

Miss Maud and Perth

We've had a good couple of days in Perth so far.  We haven't done much yet, but have walked around town some and found a great running path along the Swan River.  We are staying right in the CBD (central business district) and there are tons of shops and restaurants right nearby.  The hotel we are currently staying at is called Miss Maud's Swedish Hotel.  It is a quirky little place that includes a huge Smorgasbord breakfast buffet each morning.  It is quite nice and the price was right.  We are here until Monday and then are staying in nearby Fremantle for a few days and then back to Perth for Easter weekend.  The kids are off of school here for two weeks for the Easter holiday so it was a little challenging booking accommodation but I think we have it worked out.  It feels like summer here.  During our caravan trip we were surprised by how chilly it was, but it was probably in the 80's today.

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