Monday, April 4, 2011

Big Lobster

Next stop was Kingston to see the Big Lobster! 
The Big Lobster is named Larry.  He is 17 meters high, 15.2 meters long, and 13.7 meters wide.  He weighs over 4 tons.  He has been there since December 15, 1979.  He looks a little worse for wear with chipped paint and some broken areas, but we were still quite impressed with this Big Thing!

We cower in fear of Larry!

We enjoyed Kingston much more than Nelson.  The weather was nicer which definitely helped.  We had a great spot in the caravan park overlooking the ocean.  There was a paved path right across the street along the water that I ran on. 

Sunday we drove to Victor Harbor and went to the South Australian Whale Centre.  We aren't here the right time of year to see the Southern Right Whales that are around in June, July, August but it was interesting to learn about the different types of whales and we also learned about Rodney Fox, a man from South Australia who was attacked by a Great White Shark in 1963 and since has led expeditions to film and study Great White Sharks and been a consultant for many films including Jaws.  Victor Harbor seems like quite a nice town but the weather did not cooperate last night.  It was so cold and windy that we were stuck in the van for the whole night.  We're hoping for better weather at our next stop.  

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