Friday, April 29, 2011

Tree tops and Mountain Top

We drove from Albany to Walpole to go to the Valley of the Giants tree top walk.  We were really excited about this because Bill Bryson in his book, "In a Sunburned Country", raved about this.  It was $10/person and we walked along metal platforms that reached as high as 30 meters in the air amongst the karri forest.  

We were glad we did it, but it wasn't as impressive as we were hoping.  Our expectations were probably too high going in, but the trees were very tall and the engineering that went into building the platforms was amazing. 

Next we hiked up to the summit of Mt. Frankland.

This was a short but steep hike and was quite windy at the top, but we really enjoyed it.  We also hiked around the base before driving the rest of the way to the bed and breakfast we are at in Pemberton.

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