Sunday, October 3, 2010

Time and the Footy

Australian Rules Football (colloquially known as "Footy") finally wrapped up its season yesterday.  They tried to finish the season with the Grand Final last week.  Last week Collingwood and St. Kilda clashed ending in a 68-68 draw after a dramatic second-half comeback by St. Kilda.  Instead of overtime, the AFL has the ingenious plan of replaying the Final the following week.  This way, the league gets another week of publicity and another week of ticket/food/beer/souvenir sales (100,000 people at the MCG).  By the way, you also get another week of drunken Aussies going to the emergency department!  This weekend, Collingwood crushed St. Kilda 108-52.

In other news, we learned that Australia also observes Daylight Savings Time and last night was 'spring forward.'  Luckily, we learned this before my morning shift today!  We're now 15 hours ahead of the Eastern U.S. and 16 hours in the future for the U.S. central time zone.

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