Saturday, October 16, 2010

Busy Day!

We had a very busy day today!  We drove up to the city of Penguin and saw the "Big Penguin" above, then drove to Burnie and picked up Leigh's race number for tomorrow's 10K. 

Our next stop was Wynyard for the tulip festival.

 The best spot of the day was Fern Glade in Burnie, a park along the Emu River.  It's a beautiful spot with huge tree ferns and gum trees along the river.  We even saw the elusive platypus!

We also made stops at Table Cape and Fossil Bluff for great ocean views of Bass Strait.  We had a crazy chinese dinner in Burnie tonight and then saw Fairy Penguins returning to their burrows.  We'll be posting more this weekend, so stay tuned!

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