Thursday, November 11, 2010

More Aussie Lingo

Time for another Aussie Lingo lesson!

chooks-domestic chickens
entree vs main-on a menu an entree is typically an appetizer and the main is your main course
supporter-fan of a particular sports team
going for-team you are cheering for
whinge-complain or whine
crooked-sick, not feeling well
fair dinkum-genuine, true
ta-thank you
tute-lecture (We learned this one because Ben was asked to give a tute at the hospital and we had to look that one up!)
cracker-first-rate, excellent

We leave for a weekend trip tomorrow to Freycinet National Park and St. Helens on the east coast.  Looks like we won't have internet access, but we should have some good posts when we get back Monday or Tuesday.

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