Monday, November 1, 2010

Lilydale Falls

Another great bushwalk yesterday.  It rained hard overnight and then some more in the morning, but it cleared in the afternoon.  (If you don't like the Tassie weather, just wait an hour, it will change!)

On this trip, we went to Lilydale Falls, about 30 minutes outside of Launceston.  A short hike from the carpark took us up to the falls.

You can tell we had some rain, the stairs look like they descend into the pool.  Which they might, since we didn't follow them to their end!

This is a Yellow Admiral, a butterfly native to Australia and New Zealand.  It has prompted us to create a new list for the right sidebar - "Insects"  We also added a Satin Flycatcher to our bird list.

We also walked through part of Merthyr Park near Lilydale.  This is a eucalyptus forest on 47 hectares along the Second River.

We found several Laughing Kookaburra hunting in the forest.

We also found this "Prickly Beauty."  Leigh thinks it's named after her!

Stay tuned for some exciting posts in the near future, including "Lemon Tarts," "Stringybark Eucalyptus," and "Endemic Species!"

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  1. Carpark.... haha! Way to be adapting to the lingo