Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Delectable Dining

We got to eat some great meals while on our east coast trip.  Saturday afternoon we drove over to Freycinet Marine Farm for some fresh oysters and garlic scallops.  We had the oysters natural.  When we have been ordering them in restaurants we have been getting them cooked with different toppings on them like cheese or bacon or some sort of a sauce.  The texture of an oyster definitely takes some getting used to, but they do not have a fishy taste, just a very fresh from the sea salty taste.  We ate our oysters and scallops at a picnic table in a peaceful garden setting.  We even saw a couple of parrots in the trees. 

Our Saturday dinner was at Madge Molloy's.  There are only a couple of restaurants in Coles Bay but I had heard and read a lot about this one so made a booking for Saturday night.  It is run by a husband and wife and from what we could tell the husband does the cooking and the wife does all of the hostessing and service and makes the desserts.  They do their own fishing and we saw their boat anchored out in the bay and the wife was very knowledgeable about the fish selections.  We each got one of the specials-perch stuffed with crab for Ben and calamari for me.  Everything was very fresh and we really enjoyed our meal.

Sunday morning we drove from Coles Bay to St. Helens and made a stop on the way at Mt. Elephant Pancakes.  We had to drive up some very windy roads to get there but had heard a lot about this place as well.  It was a cozy little place that wasn't very busy when we got there but quickly filled up.  They serve crepes as opposed to traditional pancakes.  We weren't sure if we would like the crepes but we did.  We each ordered a savory crepe-mine was stuffed with feta cheese, spinach, mushrooms, sun-dried tomatoes, and Ben's with salami, spinach, and cheese and shared a sweet crepe with apricots, coconut, pineapple and a mango sauce. 

Sunday night we got take-away fish and chips from a little place along the water in St. Helens.  Battered blue-eye and crumbed prawns.  Fish and chips are very popular here and make for a satisfying meal. 

We did a lot of delicious eating on this trip to refuel after all of the hiking we did. :)

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