Sunday, November 28, 2010

Giving Thanks and Caravanning

So we didn't really celebrate Thanksgiving this week since it isn't celebrated in Australia.  It really doesn't feel like the holiday season with it getting to be summer here.  We are very thankful though to get to have this experience in Tasmania and for our friends and family who love and support us.

On a completely different subject, we have been noticing in our travels around Tasmania lately lots of caravans.  Some of them are RV's like we see in the States but lots of them are just big vans that have been outfitted in the back with beds, dining table, etc.  Aussies seem to love their road trips and we've seen all different ages of people out caravanning.  We are starting to plan a trip once Ben is done with his commitment to the hospital to rent a caravan and travel around to the places on mainland Australia that we haven't gotten to go to yet.  Should be exciting and will of course make for some interesting blog posts!

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