Monday, March 21, 2011

Living in a van down by the river

The caravan park we stayed in at Mt. Field National Park was much more rustic than the other two parks.  It was also more scenic and our site was along the Tyenna River.  Here's another shot of the campervan.
We did a great walk Wednesday afternoon in the park and saw Russell Falls, Horseshoe Falls, and Lady Barron Falls.  We also did the Tall Trees walk and saw huge Swamp Gums.  These trees are the tallest flowering trees in the world and can get to be 100 meters tall! 
I'm standing inside a HUGE fallen tree!

Russell Falls

Horseshoe Falls

Ben in front of a huge 200+ foot Swamp Gum that wouldn't even all fit in the picture!

Lady Barron Falls
We walked back down to Russell Falls once it got dark to see the glowworms.  The glowworms are larval insects that attract prey by glowing.  They are typically found in caves but there is an area right before the falls where they can be seen.  They looked like tiny glowing stars.  We also saw several possum and Ben got a great picture of one.

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