Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Koalas in the Wild

If you asked someone what a common Australian animal was two answers would probably be kangaroo and koala.  Up until yesterday we hadn't seen a koala in the wild yet.  We read about a place that was on our way to Apollo Bay where koalas are commonly seen.  Apparently a lot of people knew about this place too because there were many people there and even a place called the Koala Cafe nearby. 
Koalas spend up to nineteen hours a day sleeping!  The four we saw were all sleeping and the only movement we saw out of them was some brief stretching and scratching by one.  This lethargic lifestyle means they can live on a low energy diet of eucalypt leaves.  They are one of the few mammals besides primates to have fingerprints.

We were pleased to finally see them in the wild.

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