Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Multiple Marsupials at Narawntapu

On Sunday afternoon, we picked up some Subway sandwiches and headed to Narawntapu National Park, about an hour from Launceston.

This park is known for its prolific wildlife and we experienced this right away.  We were barely out of the car when we spotted this wombat nearby.

Shortly after, we spotted another wombat, some pademelons, and some wallabies.  We followed a couple of the walks and wildlife continued to pop up.  We saw many wallabies and pademelons, and eventually lost count of the wombats!

We also saw a pademelon joey jump into mum's pouch and this cute wombat joey.  They noticed us and ran for cover!

We came home after dark and were rewarded with a couple of nocturnal animals!  We saw a Brushtail Possum and we think we saw an Eastern Barred Bandicoot (not convinced enough to add it to the list!).  A great day of wildlife watching!

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