Sunday, December 19, 2010

Another Day, Another Hike

We drove about an hour yesterday to tackle the Meander Falls walk.  Luckily we had new hiking shoes because this was quite the walk.
We didn't bring our hiking shoes with us from the States because we didn't realize how much hiking we would be doing here.  We finally broke down and bought new ones a couple of days ago.  It made a big difference on the hike.  We actually didn't end up completing the whole walk.  Two and a half hours in we were exhausted and realized we better turn around before it got dark. 

Check out that elevation gain! My watch died on the way back so the hike was actually around 5 miles and took 5 hours-phew! 
We ate lunch on this bridge.

We may have to do this hike again sometime and complete the whole thing.  Ben found online what the falls look like at the end of the hike and they are gorgeous! 

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