Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Monster Hike

We woke up last Friday to more rain on Cradle Mountain.  We had exhausted the limited indoor activities, and decided to hike in the rain.

We parked at Lake Dove and started clockwise around the lake, check out the map.  It was mostly flat on a boardwalk through highland rainforest.  Since Cradle Mountain is very popular, this walk was a little crowded.  About halfway into the circuit, we decided we needed more seclusion and a bigger challenge.  We took a smaller trail and climbed to Lake Wilks on the Face Track.

This is a secluded glacial lake with waterfalls pouring into it off of Cradle Mountain.  (With the extra rain, we counted 8 waterfalls running off the mountain)

We continued on, across the face of Little Horn, one of Cradle Mountain's peaks.  This section had some very challenging climbs and descents.

The trail down from the Face Track and then the ascent to Hansons Peak.
Eventually, we climbed a ridge to Hansons Peak.  On one side, the peak sloped down to Lake Dove, and on the other down to the Twisted Lakes.

From Hansons Peak, we gradually descended back to the carpark.  Unfortunately, Leigh's GPS watch died in the middle of the walk.  However, we know we climbed at least 1000 feet on this monster five-hour hike.

Our route around Lake Dove and the Face Track.

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