Tuesday, September 21, 2010

A Long Walk and Culinary Adventures

We had a great walk today along the North Esk river (it joins the South Esk to create the Tamar River in the center of town).  We walked about 1.4 miles, then reached the Heritage Forest park, and came back to the car along Invermay Road.  All told, we totalled almost 4 miles.

After our barbecue with friends over the weekend, we decided to extend our culinary adventures and try grilling kangaroo at home.  Our grocer had fillets marinated in "Bush Plum."  The steaks turned out excellent, very tender with a good flavor.  It was a little smoky, somewhere between beef and venison.

I did some research on kangaroo meat, and it has an interesting history.  There are no farms in the country.  Instead, the government has a program for culling to keep the wild population in check.  The meat is very lean with only 2% fat, and high in linoleic acid (which is supposedly good for you).  Interestingly, 70% of the meat is exported.  Next on the list is "kanga bangas" (sausages)!

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