Saturday, September 11, 2010

Hanging Out


Not much to report, we've just been hanging around our new place for the last couple of days and I've had some good runs around town.  Ben even got to watch the Saints/Vikings NFL game.  They showed it here yesterday morning.  Tonight we are going out to dinner and to a movie and tomorrow will be church and going to meet a couple that our contact at the hospital thought we would get along with and like to meet.  We found out yesterday that our visas went through.  In the next week or so Ben will probably be going to Hobart for an interview and then will start working soon after that.  You may have noticed the slideshow of pictures at the top of the blog.  I'm working on trying to figure out how to make the pictures bigger and to add more pictures to it.  If you click on the pictures it will take you to flickr where you can see the pictures bigger.  Also wanted to say Happy Birthday to our sister Hannah! 

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  1. Oh thanks guys! Can't wait to talk to you! Love the blog updates!