Wednesday, May 19, 2010


Hello Family and Friends,
Many of you know this already but for those who do not, Ben has accepted a position at Launceston General Hospital in Tasmania, Australia beginning August 1! The contract is for 6 months with the option for 6 more months if we are enjoying our stay.

We are very excited and have lots to do before leaving Chicago. Our lease is up June 30 and we will be headed to Michigan after that for two weeks to spend time with our families and go to a couple of Detroit Tiger games before continuing on to Hawaii for a "layover" and arriving in Australia at the end of July. We just submitted a mountain of paperwork to the Australian Medical Council and are waiting to hear about our visas. I will be updating this blog with all of our adventures while we are there and maybe a couple of posts before we leave the United States as well.

A good website to learn about Tasmania is

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